Scissor Lift Accidents

Scissor lifts are a great asset to construction and other types of work that involve heights, which is common. These heavy machines boost workers and/or machinery into the air and are intended to do so safely. When scissor lifts are involved in accidents caused by negligent operators, negligent companies, faulty maintenance, or anything else, the results are often devastating. If you've been injured in a scissor lift accident, don't delay consulting with an experienced Missouri workers' compensation attorney.

Scissor Lift Overview

Scissor lifts come in many forms that are intended to perform a wide variety of functions, including:

  • Heavy truck lifts
  • Boat lifts
  • Motorcycle lifts
  • Mid-rise lifts
  • Full-rise lifts
  • Portable stacker lifts
  • Hydraulic freight lifts
  • Sidewalk lifts

Scissor lifts are typically used for heavy-duty work, which makes any ensuing accidents that much more dangerous.

Scissor Lift Statistics

A 2012 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health shares several grim determinations related to scissor lift accidents, including:

  • The dangerous fall-hazards associated with scissor lifts are well recognized in the scaffolding industry.
  • The adoption of scissor lifts in construction work, telecommunications, and other relevant industries has led to an increased risk of serious injury and death in these industries.
  • More than 70 percent of scissor lift fatalities occur in the construction industry
  • The overall height of the extended scissor lift plays a critical role in the seriousness of any resulting accidents.

In other words, scissor lift accidents happen, and they tend to be exceedingly dangerous.

Common Causes of Scissor Lift Accidents

Scissor lifts represent heavy, dangerous equipment that requires all of the following conditions to operate at peak safety:

  • An operator who has the requisite training and experience
  • A worksite that is safe and well lit
  • A well-maintained lift
  • A safely designed and well-constructed lift

If any one of these is missing, a dangerous scissor lift accident becomes that much more likely. Negligence in such an accident can lie with the employing company, the scissor lift operator, the scissor lift manufacturer, and more.

Workers' Compensation and Third-Party Claims

If you are injured in a scissor lift accident in the course of your work, workers' compensation covers you regardless of whether you or your employer is at fault. Workers' compensation, however, will only cover you for a percentage of your lost wages and for your medical expenses. If a third-party is at fault or shares fault in your accident, on the other hand, you can pursue compensation for your full range of damages via a personal injury case. Such entities can include the manufacturer, a mechanic, a subcontractor, the owner of the construction site, and more  depending upon the circumstances at hand.

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