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  • Do I Have A Case?

    • How Do I Know If I’m Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?
      Many employees don’t realize they are even eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if they are injured on the job. By law, every Missouri business with at least five employee must provide workers’ compensation coverage. Additionally, all employers in the construction industry must have workers’ compensation, even if they have just one employee.
    • What Kinds of Injuries Are Covered?

      Under Missouri law, workers’ compensation only covers injuries that arise “out of and in the course of employment.” This includes accidents that occur during your work shift. It also includes “occupational diseases” contracted at work, provided workplace exposure was the “prevailing” cause.

      Workers’ compensation is not necessarily limited to injuries suffered at your normal workplace. If your job requires you to travel–i.e., make deliveries or conduct on-site work with clients–you may be compensated for injuries sustained in the course of such travel. However, Missouri workers’ compensation law specifically excludes injuries sustained while commuting from home to work and back, even if you use a company-owned car.

    • What Happens If My Employer Denies Me Workers’ Compensation Benefits?
      In many cases, your employer or their insurance company will promptly pay any workers’ compensation benefits. But if they deny benefits–or stop paying them before you receive what you believe you are entitled to under the law–then you have the right to file a claim with the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation. An administrative law judge appointed by the Division will review your claim and either conduct mediation between you and your employer, or alternatively hold a formal hearing to determine your right to compensation.
    • Why Do I Need a Missouri Workers’ Compensation Attorney?
      A workers’ compensation claim can take several months, even years, to resolve, especially if you continue to suffer from the effects of your work-related injury. Your employer and its insurance company will be represented by highly skilled attorneys who know how to exploit an injured employee. You need to level the playing field by hiring a Missouri workers’ compensation lawyer who will fight on your behalf.