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After a job-related injury, workers' compensation insurance should cover your medical bills and lost wages from your injuries. However, many injuries can have long-term effects and cause physical limitations that make it difficult to work or engage in usual daily activities. In addition to providing financial compensation for your costs of treatment, the Missouri Department of Labor (DOL) also works to facilitate the rehabilitation of injured workers so they can become self-supporting as soon as possible.If you are interested in learning more about your rights to rehabilitation benefits as part of a work injury case, contact our workers' compensation lawyers in Missouri right away.

Physical Rehabilitation

In certain situations, the Missouri DOL will supervise physical rehabilitation for seriously injured workers. A worker might be eligible for rehabilitation benefits from the Second Injury Fund if they are receiving rehabilitative therapy in a state-approved facility, and they have one of the following conditions:

  • Paraplegia
  • Quadriplegia
  • Foot, leg, hand, or arm amputation
  • Atrophy due to non-use or nerve damage
  • Back injuries that cannot be treated by surgery or other medical procedures
  • Crush injuries classified as severe
  • Severe burn injuries

Rehabilitation benefits may be available to eligible workers for up to 20 weeks or longer in rare situations.

Vocational Rehabilitation

The Division of Workers' Compensation also administers a program for the vocational rehabilitation of severely injured workers. When the Division identifies a worker who might qualify, it will provide a vocational assessment. This assessment will include many components, including:

  • Review of medical records and physician restrictions and ratings
  • Demographic and family background
  • Educational history
  • Work experience
  • Current and past injuries
  • Functional limitations
  • Daily activities
  • Results of a vocational test
  • Ability to work assessment
  • Determination whether the worker needs vocational rehabilitation services

After the assessment is complete, and if the Division of Workers' Compensation decides the worker qualifies for services, the Division will create a vocational rehabilitation plan. The plan can involve:

  • Estimated earning abilities if the worker completes the plan
  • Whether the worker will stay with the same employer with the same job, a modified job at the same employer, a new job at a different employer, or other scenarios
  • Vocational goals for the worker
  • Responsibilities of the worker and rehabilitation consultant
  • Time frame of the rehabilitation program
  • Coordination of physical rehabilitation, vocational counseling, skill training, independent living, job placement, and other services

Qualifying for this rehabilitative program can benefit many seriously injured workers who need additional services to return to work.

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