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Many job-related injuries can be serious, though few are as traumatic and life-changing as an amputation. Losing an extremity or limb can have effects that last the rest of your life, and that change your daily activities and possibly your future career path. Amputations come with physical, financial, and emotional losses, and workers who suffer this type of catastrophic injury deserve full benefits from their employer's workers' compensation insurance. Unfortunately, insurance companies can be difficult - even with claimants who suffered the most serious and lasting injuries. It is important for victims of serious job-related injuries to seek help from a workers' compensation lawyer in Missouri who can protect your rights. Contact The Law Firm of Webster & Carlton for help today.

Common Amputations at Work

Some amputations directly result from an accident, while others might be surgically necessary due to burns, crush injuries, or other conditions. Common amputations include:

  • Severed arm
  • Severed leg
  • Loss of a hand
  • Loss of a foot
  • Amputated toes
  • Amputated fingers
  • Loss of an ear or eye

Anytime a body part becomes unattached - through trauma or surgery - can be considered an amputation. There are many causes of amputations on the job, including the following accidents:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Shipping accidents
  • Chemical plant or refinery accidents
  • Factory equipment accidents
  • Heavy machinery accidents
  • Power tool accidents
  • Getting hit by falling materials
  • Conveyor belt accidents
  • Industrial equipment accidents
  • Burns or crush injuries that require surgical amputation

Any of the above accidents can result in a limb or extremity getting caught in equipment, severed from sharp objects, and other forms of amputation.

Effects of Amputations

Amputation can result in severe side effects that change the life of a victim. First and foremost, even the most basic tasks can become challenging, and amputees often need to re-learn everyday activities either without a limb or with a prosthetic. Lifestyle changes can be dramatic and, even with extensive rehabilitative therapy, their lives will likely never be the same. An amputation also can require ongoing medical treatment. Decreased circulation can cause intense pain in the remaining area of the limb. Many people need pain management treatment, massage therapy, and more due to this side effect. There can also be an increased risk of sores, cysts, infections, and more that require medical monitoring and care. Even with advanced prosthetics available, amputations can be physically and mentally harmful for months or years to come. They are also costly injuries, and victims deserve necessary benefits for their disabling injury.

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