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Jurisdiction in Missouri Work Comp Cases


So jurisdiction in a workers compensation case in the state of Missouri there is place of accident, there is place of hire, or where you worked. So really place of hire and where you worked are typically the same, but where the accidents occurs is really the first one. That's where most of the time we see, but where you were working is also the other.

So for instance, I work for a plant in Joplin. I get injured working for that plant. My claim is going to be a Missouri workers compensation claim, even if let's say I live in Oklahoma or I live in Kansas or Arkansas. If I'm working in the state of Missouri and I'm injured in the state of Missouri, it's a Missouri client. One of the new ons kind of things that comes up is with trucking companies a lot of times. Let's say I may have a client that lives in Texas and he may have been injured in South Dakota, but if he was hired in the state of Missouri, then apps he has jurisdiction in the state of Missouri. And sometimes there's to be dual jurisdiction.

You could have jurisdiction in Missouri or in another state of head you've been injured there. And that then brings up a choice of law question, which state system is best for me?

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