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Incident Reports for Work Injuries in Missouri

Incident Reports

It is crucial to promptly report any injury and fill out an incident report, even if you believe it is minor or uncertain about its severity. Such documentation is essential as it provides coverage if the injury becomes a more serious issue in the future, which can happen sometimes.

Many employees who have been working for a long time and have built trust in their employer might feel comfortable mentioning the injury informally, thinking that it would be enough. However, it is better to report the injury formally, irrespective of how much trust you have in your employer. Filling out an incident report in writing provides a legal record of what happened, which is crucial to ensure that you are fully covered in case of a future issue.

By documenting the injury and filling out an incident report, you can create a trail of evidence that will protect you in case of disputes or legal action. So, it is always advisable to report any injury and fill out an incident report as soon as possible to protect yourself and ensure that you are covered.

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