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Getting a Missouri Work Comp Check

Getting a check

A lot of times people that they've, again, let's say they've reported this injury and the employer has sent them to a doctor. And so they're assuming that that employer and insurance company are accepting this as a compensable case. Okay? But again, based on differing things that can happen, they may be thinking that it's a compensable case and accepted by the employer and insurer. But that can fall apart very quickly. A doctor says something's pre-existing. Or even, again, what I would encourage people is that your case might be being denied in whole or it might be being denied in part. And when I say being denied in part, what do I mean by that? Again, you may have what you believe is a compensable case and the work comp insurance carrier may be sending you to a doctor, which that's indicative that they're accepting the case. But they might be, there might be a wage dispute and they might not be paying your temporary total disability benefits properly.

Again, temporary total disability benefits are based on your average weekly wage. It's based on two-thirds of your average weekly wage. And believe it or not, so many people's wages are, they fluctuate from week to week. And so you really have to get in there and look at the wage statement and calculate it all to make sure that you're getting the right benefits. So again, you might feel that your case is being accepted, you're getting medical attention. The doctors may have you off work and you're getting a work comp check, but that work comp check might not be correct. So again, we always say this too, but it's always good to consult on a term. You know, we don't get paid. We don't charge people for consultation. Consultations are free. I do a lot of free consultations. I wish I didn't do quite as many free consultations, but we do a lot. And we feel like we're doing a service for people by doing that. Most of those times, those people really appreciate the advice and hearing, you know, getting to the truth. So a lot of times they do become clients.

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