Medical Care For Work-Related Injuries

When an employee is hurt on the job, the employer and its workers' compensation insurer have a duty to pay the cost of any medical care for work-related injuries. If you've been hurt at your job and your employer or its insurer is making it difficult for you to collect benefits, you need an attorney who knows Missouri workers' compensation law inside and out. With more than 45 years of cumulative experience helping employees get medical care for work-related injuries, our savvy legal team at The Law Firm of Webster & Carlton, can help.

When A Claim Is Denied

An employer's insurance company could deny an injured worker's claim for many reasons. For example, your insurer and/or employer could argue that:

  • Your accident did not happen at work.
  • Your injury is a result of a pre-existing condition.
  • What happened was not an accident.

Even if the insurer initially approved your claim, sometimes it will stop payment if it believes:

  • You no longer need treatment for an injury.
  • You have not adhered to the medical plan or have missed appointments.
  • Your injury is a result of a pre-existing condition.

Our seasoned Missouri workers' compensation lawyers at The Law Firm of Webster & Carlton, can help defend you against such denials that would stop your care.

Get The Help You Need To Heal

Workers' compensation benefits can help you get the medical care, surgery or physical therapy you need, whether your work accident relates to:

or another type of injury. When your claim is approved, you will continue to receive treatment until your doctor determines that:

  • You have recovered as much as possible and you no longer require treatment.
  • You have recovered as much as possible but will have a permanent disability.

If the doctor determines that you have a disability, you are then eligible for additional workers' compensation benefits, likely for what would be considered a permanent partial disability. If you suffer a permanent total disability as a result of your injury, you are entitled to benefits intended to compensate for your resulting inability to work.

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