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Fear of Retaliation in Missouri Work Comp

Fear of Retaliation

I hear quite regularly still that they are afraid of what's going to happen to them if they file a claim. And so that it still happens a lot. I don't know that there's not been anything to really remedy that situation. There's no change in the law or any additional protections.

So, you know, as we all know in recent years it seems like the American workforce is, I mean, or employers are needing people to work, right? There's just not enough workers. I don't know if that provides a little bit more security for people, but again, I still hear that they're working, they have this issue and that they are, they are concerned about what might happen to their job if they if they file a claim or pursue it.

I usually tell them that I can't guarantee them 100% that there won't be some retaliatory action against them. However, I highly doubt it because if an employer does that, they open themselves up to an additional lawsuit which would be work comp discrimination. So most employers and insurance companies are savvy enough that they're not going to do that. Again, I always tell people that I can't guarantee them 100% that it wouldn't happen, but it's highly unlikely that they're going to fire them because they file a claim. Employers are every employer is different.

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