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File a workers’ comp claim in a timely manner

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Getting hurt on the job is not an uncommon occurrence in Missouri. An unexpected mishap could leave someone with a serious injury that requires immediate medical attention.

Thankfully, some injuries aren't as bad as they initially appear – but the employee may need to take time off to heal. Regardless of severity, workers' compensation might provide financial assistance to the injured. However, the worker will need to report the injury without delay.

Moving quickly to report a workplace injury

Quickly reporting a workplace injury could help the cause of filing for workers' comp. Of course, the other benefit of swift reporting involves assisting the injured employee in receiving timely medical care. The worker might not realize how bad they are hurt, and some severe injuries may seem initially minor. A thorough medical examination could reveal the true extent of the injury.

And yes, there are financial considerations. When the employee reports the incident in a timely manner, the employer may commence the investigation steps. The faster the investigation occurs, the workers' compensation claims process might move along quicker.

Steps to take when injured on the job

Workers may find themselves tasked with additional responsibilities beyond seeking critical medical attention. Employees may need to gather essential evidence to support their claims, such as photographs and co-worker statements.

Injured workers may face requirements to file an incident report. Those who don't report the injury right away could forget essential details. A lack of clarity may hurt the claim.

Workers might discover their initial claims face denials if they do not file in a relatively timely manner. Receiving a rejection does not necessarily mean the worker won't receive a favorable outcome after filing an appeal.

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