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Workers’ Compensation for Auto Accident While Working

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Common Types of Compensation for an Auto Accident

Many different people drive vehicles as part of their jobs, or they work near or on a roadway. Whether you are driving a semi-truck across the country, delivering pizza, or working on a road crew, there is the chance that you could be involved in a work-related auto accident.Workers’ compensation insurance should compensate workers for their losses from auto accidents, just like any other type of workplace accident. The following are some types of compensation you might receive for injuries after an auto accident on the job.

Reasonable and Necessary Medical Costs

The medical treatment you need and the associated costs will depend on the severity of your injuries. However, no matter how much care you need, workers’ compensation insurance should cover all of your medical expenses. This can include:

  • Emergency treatment
  • Hospitalization
  • Surgeries
  • Post-operative care
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Physical therapy
  • Medication and medical equipment
  • Doctor’s visits

If a certain treatment is deemed reasonable and necessary for your type of injury, you should receive full compensation for your expenses.

Wage Replacement

Many people have to miss work after an auto accident, either for medical treatment or because their injuries require rest and recovery or prevent them from performing their jobs. Many people do not have extensive paid time off, and many households cannot afford to lose income for even a few days. For this reason, compensation for your work-related auto accident can include partial wage replacement. Many people can receive two-thirds of their usual wages, up to a maximum weekly amount set by Missouri law.

Disability Benefits

Some auto accidents result in disabling injuries that can affect your ability to work for a long time - or even permanently. There are two types of permanent disability benefits you could receive, depending on the nature of your disability:

Permanent partial disability (PPD) - These benefits apply when an injury prevents you from returning to your previous job but allows you to get a different job with light work and lesser pay. This benefit is often negotiated and paid in a lump sum.

Permanent total disability (PTD) - You might receive PTD benefits if your injuries cause disabilities that prevent you from working at all for the rest of your life. You can receive weekly payments for your lifetime, or you might negotiate a lump sum payment. Auto accidents can cause life-changing and costly injuries. It is important that you seek help from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Missouri who can help ensure you receive the full benefits you deserve after an auto accident.

Contact a Missouri Workers’ Compensation Lawyer for Assistance with Your Claim

Compensation in auto accident claims can be substantial, and you want a trusted legal professional protecting your rights. After a job-related car crash, call The Law Firm of Webster & Carlton for help with every step of the claims process. We have offices conveniently located in Springfield and Joplin, so please contact us to set up your free case evaluation right away.

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